Report | Why are masters of M&A across industries taking a tip from big tech and leveraging ‘revenue synergies’?

This coming year is set to see the sharpest rise in M&A activity yet, with 75% of firms expecting deals to increase in 2017 (Deloitte). With the success of Coca-Cola’s $27bn merger leading the way in terms of synergy and cost efficiencies, it’s no surprise that just under half of US-based enterprises are placing M&A deals at the forefront of strategic planning.

However, exactly the same percentage of firms admit that their M&A deals fell short of expectations last year.

So, as a senior strategic leader, what can you do to ensure your company breaks this cycle? And, along with other processes, how can you bridge together promised and realised M&A outcomes?

Download our full report for top tips from our M&A masters.

Inside you’ll find:

  • How other industries can learn from the “out there” practices in the Tech sector
  • What the best “go to market” strategies are to achieve Revenue Synergies
  • The pros and cons of firewalling sales and marketing teams – and an idea that turns this debate on its head.

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