Insight. noun. a clear, deep and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or situation

Cambridge Dictionary


Optimised Supply Chain

Britain’s new relationship with Brussels, coupled with the pandemic’s ongoing disruption, put supply chain networks under scrutiny. It revealed their weaknesses and flaws. And has forced UK exporters to act. With 87% of organisations planning to increase…”

Ready To Thrive

The latest predictions by Forrester make for interesting reading for CIOs and CISOs. According to their research, “digital leaders will drive double-digit growth in 2021 [while] traditional businesses are trapped in a continuous downward spiral of cost and complexity”.

IBOR Transition – The Final Furlong

“Entering 2021, the transition from IBOR to Risk-Free Rates is moving to the final stages. With over $800 Trillion of Financial Contracts governed by the soon to be defunct rate, the task to transition documentation and systems to Risk-Free Rates has been huge…”

Data-Driven Telco

“Telecom companies generate unparalleled quantities of data. By 2050, they will be gathering data from 95% of the world’s population thanks to mobile devices, wearable tech and wireless information. But compared to Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon…”

Digital Paradox

“As FS&I organisations turn their attention to the year ahead, senior executives face a challenging paradox. On the one hand, budgets are tight, and headcount is reduced. On the other, customer experience is paramount. In fact, 70% of senior executives say…”

Cracking Data to Fuel AI

“There is huge economic power in data; Artificial Intelligence is the key to unlocking it and this is driving an AI arms race to amass talent and become the next superpower. Senior decision-makers are more aware of this than ever with Forbes reporting that 90% of organisations…”

Digital Roadmap

“If ever there was a time to roll out the cliché, “work smarter, not harder”, this is it. Most organisations are facing an uncertain path to recovery, with the majority cutting headcount further and holding on tight to their cash reserves. The quarter is the new year…”

Accelerate Data

“Every industrial revolution was catalysed by a major technological evolution. With 90% of the world’s data having been produced in the last two years [Deloitte], today is no different. We are living in an era of unprecedented technological innovation…”

Accelerate Automation

“Recent data from McKinsey shows that digital adoption has “vaulted five years forward” in the space of 8 weeks. Prioritisation and adaption has been forced upon us. As senior executives of large-scale companies navigate the unpredictable path ahead…”

Accelerate New Digital

“If we can maintain even 60% of the pace we have right now, we will still drastically accelerate the pace of our transformation. Automation drives productivity whilst also allowing cross functioning teams to share a common purpose”

Think Different

“A lot of executives think a big part of their job is making the tough calls; relying on the experience, industry knowledge, and judgement. While I value those things, I value them a lot less than I used to. Machine learning will change the way executives do their jobs”

Insight-Driven Enterprise

“Despite aspirations for a digital future, only 31% of senior executives consider their companies to be insight-driven and only 25% said they feel prepared to make use of data [Accenture 2019]. The window is rapidly closing for organisations not maximising value from their data.”

Think Fast

Companies that master the response to a crisis will reap long-term rewards. They are smarter, and create opportunities to win in the long term, according to Boston Consulting Group. A frightening prospect given 72% of senior executives believe…

Inside The Mind of a Hacker

The Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is one of the industry’s most robust annual surveys into cyber security trends and sheds some significant light on where attacks might take place. The 2020 version has in-depth analysis from 3,950…

Path to Recovery

With the FTSE100 trading as low as 70% of its first quarter high, the focus for senior executives is firmly set on navigating the unpredictable path ahead. It is natural at times like this to reduce risk and cut investments in areas such as innovation…