Report | Building a Bulletproof Brand

Bain & Co has found that loyal customers will go on to spend 67% more than new ones.

Marketers are responding to this: Gartner predicts spending on customer retention will outstrip customer acquisition by 2:1 in 2018.  These changing priorities are a reflection of a growing realisation amongst CMOs of the importance of fostering a bulletproof brand identity.

But in our hyperconnected world, years of painstaking brand management and leading customer experience can be destroyed in seconds.  With billions in stock value wiped out following CX disasters, and firms caught in a backlash following advertisements on extremist videos, your brand identity has never been more fragile.

To find some answers, we asked: what are the biggest obstacles to building a bulletproof brand, and how can these be overcome in your strategy?  Why are firms pursuing a proactive rather than reactive brand strategy in 2018, and how will the latest technologies shape this trend?  And, how can you fully harness your brand identity to drive competitive advantage in 2018 and beyond?

Inside you’ll find:

  • A lively debate about the problem with promotion marketing
  • Advice about how to secure the funding you need for your brand building
  • Questions that will challenge the way you think about your brand