Report | International Expansion

PWC stated that 79% of CEOs are making organic growth their top priority in 2018.

Our own 360° Club survey also found 78% of senior business leaders find securing new sources of growth a critical, strategic challenge.  It is clear International Expansion remains an attractive prospect to SMEs.  It brings with it new and exciting opportunities for your business. Yet it is also one of the most challenging; surrounded by constant risk.

As a senior business leader, how can you ensure maximum visibility and risk aversion with your International Expansion strategy in 2018?

To help identify the most successful approaches to tackling these challenges, we asked our club members: what kinds of strategic goals should guide your plans as you look to expand your international presence?  How are you maximising growth opportunities and gaining strategic expansion advantage?  And are you learning from failures of others, and how is your expansion strategy overcoming pitfalls and obstacles?

Inside you’ll find:

  • A debate over what makes a business international (and how it comes down to mindset)
  • An overview of the market entry strategies being adopted by club members
  • A warning about how you make decisions about your international partners – and the unforeseen consequences of those decisions!


All quotes and ideas have been anonymised, as per club rules, so please feel free to share the report with colleagues, or on LinkedIn if you’d like.