Report | The Evolving Professional Services Firm

Accenture expects 43% of Professional Service workforce to be freelance by 2020.  The dynamics of supply and demand, people and services, are undergoing a paradigm shift.

Yesterday’s professional services firms tackled digital transition for their clients.  As clients graduate from transitional problems and demand more specialised, more complex and more modular solutions, the pressure of matching the right expertise to projects has never been higher. 

At the same time, margins are being squeezed by pricing demands moving from billable hours towards fixed-price outcomes.  How can you protect your revenues from these evolving demands of your clients?

To find some answers, we asked: how can you successfully adapt your business model for the digital world of tomorrow?  How can you continue to foster education and expertise in your company?   Will embracing innovation dismantle your core values?

Inside you’ll find

  • An overview of the forces of disruption hitting the industry
  • A lively debate about the viability of the risk and reward payment model
  • A call for professional services to compete on the basis of the “Borg brain”


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