The Professional Services landscape is evolving rapidly; competition and globalisation are squeezing margins, and clients are increasingly demanding more modular, outcomes-based contracts.

Technology promises to be a solution.  A survey by Accenture identified technology could deliver efficiency improvements of 22 percent and time savings of 5 percent on projects by 2020.

However, despite years of focusing on clients’ digital transformations, many Professional Services organisations find it difficult to find the same focus internally.  A Deltek survey of the sector found that only 19 percent of C-level leaders say their firms will be digitally “mature” or “advanced” within five years.

Why are business leaders reluctant to change when it comes to their own internal functions?  And what are the drivers for success and growth in 2018 and beyond?

To try to find some answers, we asked: why aren’t more Professional Services leaders focusing on internal innovation?   How can you successfully drive a culture of transformation?  And, will embracing innovation dismantle your core model?

Inside you’ll find:

  • Ideas for developing alignment internally around digitalisation objectives
  • A debate about the role of the C-Suite and how to ensure you have the right buy-in
  • Differing views about where the real opportunities lie


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