Report | Explosive Growth Strategies

What are the critical enablers for capitalising on explosive growth? This was the question at the heart of our most recent 360° club discussion in London. We covered top strategies for improving margins, the positives of being adaptable, and priorities in hiring. 

Our keynote, Mark Palmer, marketing director at Green & Blacks, even shared his step-by-step guide to hiring during periods of fast growth (Hint: operations wasn’t first on the list!). 

This quarter’s write up includes top insights like:

  • Who should be your first hire for fast growth (and who should be last?)
  • Why the most successful businesses are focusing on margins over volume.
  • How to identify the metrics that matter, and the ones that don’t.

All quotes and ideas have been anonymised, as per club rules, so please feel free to share the report with colleagues or on LinkedIn if you’d like.

If this wasn’t enough, The  360° club Director, Elizabeth Purcell, has written a LinkedIn article inspired by the discussion. To find out whether your growth strategy is answering these 5 questions, check out her article “Grow or Go” here.