Report | Engineering vs. simplifying: The best way to increase trade efficiency

Despite nearly ten years elapsing since the financial crisis, average ROE has faltered. Indeed, four of the last five years have seen rates of less than 10% in the world’s leading investment banks. Further, the top ten global CMIB banks posted declining revenues for the third straight year (McKinsey).

Attempts to restructure operations in light of the 2008 crash have failed to produce sustainable results, with high operating costs consistently undermining performance.

What are the most promising avenues for innovation within capital market operations? Is it possible to drive transformational change in operating costs without a revolution in the way that costs are measured, monitored and understood?

Download our insight report to understand how London’s most senior Capital Market’s leaders are tacking these key challenges:

  • Why the key to long-term success might look more like quick wins than multi-year projects.
  • What is the advantage of making change management everybody’s job?
  • Is it possible to use MiFID II compliance initiatives as an opportunity to simplify processes?

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