Report | Data-sharing to reduce supply chain risk

Supply chain success is directly correlated with the ability to meet the real-time demands of consistency and precision. And,  anything that threatens to disrupt this flow, even innovation, is inherently risky. The Hidden Edge  club met in London to explore the best strategies for leveraging your strengths to offset the risk of innovation and drive ROI.  Supply Chain Directors from some of London’s largest organisations weighed in on their top strategies for supply chain innovation — sans the risk. 

“We want to extend our overview of the enterprise supply chain,” explained one member, “Sainsbury’s or Tesco know who’s buying it, but the actual brand owner doesn’t – and that’s where extending the supply chain comes in.”

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Exploration of the benefits of sharing data and insights with suppliers.
  • Why Supply Chain leaders are prioritising end-user visibility as a key objective, alongside efficiency, productivity and accuracy.
  • Innovative strategies for tracking end-user activity with greater granularity.

All quotes and ideas have been anonymised, as per club rules, so please feel free to share the report with colleagues or on LinkedIn if you’d like.