Chicago business leaders share tips for enterprise collaboration

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Chicago Business Leaders Share Tips for Enterprise Collaboration


On August 31 at Naha Restaurant in central Chicago, we united senior leaders from enterprise businesses to discuss the role of technology in effective collaboration and how that can power enterprise innovation.

We asked how collaboration has helped our guests to respond to faster to market opportunities and threats, and improve the experience of their customers, employees or partners. Our guests were at a variety of different stages along their own collaboration journey, but almost all agreed that it was as much a cultural change as a technology issue.

Our Chair at this dinner was Neeru Arora, CIO for Shared Services and Chief Knowledge Officer at Aon and former McKinsey consultant, and she agreed with this notion.

We’ve compiled a report of key finding from our Chair and guests’ experiences of collaboration, its drivers, vital strategies for success, the importance of technology and its potential for innovation and securing competitive advantage.