The ‘Non-Googles’ guide to AI

Artificial Intelligence is already a success story, with Google’s AI recently slashing 40% off the company’s energy costs.  Fear it or love it, everyone is going AI mad – McKinsey estimates that tech giants invested $30bn in AI in 2016, and external investment topped $8bn.  Little wonder that market incumbents are starting to fear they’ll be left behind.  So why, then, are some forward-looking IT Leaders holding off from AI strategy?

In reality, AI is a big mouthful to chew. Research and implementation is not cheap.  And, for every problem AI solves, it disrupts your organisation’s status quo: from workforce confidence to the well-established relationship with your customers.  While consumers expect Google and digital giants to push technological and privacy boundaries, they are much more sensitive when it comes to traditional companies.

We spoke with 16 CIOs, CTOs, and CDOs from some of London’s largest organisations about the AI challenge for this report.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A cross-industry case study on successful AI implementation
  • An index of the top challenges to AI projects– A vital component considering Gartner estimates just 15% of all AI projects started will complete
  • An examination of the cultural differences that are driving the rate of AI advancement in China vs. the West.