Report | Maximising the Advantages of Global Expansion

Since the recent promotion of domestic growth policies, moves have been made to dissuade businesses from expanding internationally. But should these policies do so? Evidence would suggest the contrary.  With China’s economy growing by 6.7% and India’s up to 7% last year alone, appetite for investing in emerging markets should be sky high.

But while the opportunities presented by international expansion are plain to see, it’s well documented that there can be a number of obstacles too. Suppliers, regulations, languages, culture and governments are just some of the areas that require real understanding.

So what is the key challenge holding your business back from international expansion? And, would investment in these tiger economies see your business enjoy double digit growth? 

Download the report from the Growth Architects Club Dinner to discover:

  • What are 3 key challenges facing businesses when expanding internationally?
  • Which countries have the best market opportunities? (It’s not China!)
  • Should pricing be your top priority when tackling international expansion hurdles?

All quotes and ideas have been anonymised, as per club rules, so please feel free to share the report with colleagues or on LinkedIn if you’d like.