Combatting Subscriber Churn

Virtual Private Roundtable

Thursday 28th March

3:00pm – 4:00pm EDT

“The requirements of a robust technology infrastructure, and a well-conceived tech stack strategy, will make all the difference in a high-velocity, high-volume subscription situation.”


– Forbes [2023]

The subscription market has never been more crowded. With customer demands soaring and attention spans dwindling, it has never been more vital to convert fleeting interest into lasting loyalty.


However, ensnared by the outdated mindset of growth at all costs, many marketing, growth and product executives are witnessing the pitfalls of an untailored ‘one size fits all’ approach. This one-track strategy is proving inadequate in both attracting new subscribers and preserving the loyalty of existing ones. For those in charge of conversion and upselling, the mandate is clear: a subscriber experience that’s not just personalized but also meticulously crafted, beginning with a dynamic pricing and packaging strategy.


So, how will you sculpt a strategy that not only converts but retains your customers in a fiercely competitive landscape?


Senior decision-makers with a focus on Marketing and Growth within the subscription industry. This discussion will be valuable to you if you’re looking to evolve your offering and move away from a one size fits all experience. 

Attendance is capped to ensure every participant is able to contribute. The meeting is only open to invited participants or those who have been referred by a colleague or our partner, Recurly.


A special thank you to Recurly for their continued support of the Change Makers Club. Recurly is a leading technology-focused company that specialises in subscription and billing platforms for software, media, consumer goods, financial services, and insurance industries. Established over 14 years ago, their vision is to drive businesses to grow their recurring revenue faster, smarter, and stronger. Recurly is trusted by leading brands looking to grow the lifetime value of every subscriber. You can read more about their report here.


All of our roundtables are focused, collaborative and informative. Thanks to a chaired and moderated discussion you will: gain insights and ideas from thought leaders within the subscription economy, benchmark your own plans within a collaborative and confidential environment and network with an exclusive group of senior executives in similar size organisations to you.

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