According to research by McKinsey, the ‘superstar’ digital natives continue to widen the gap against the incumbents. The top 10 percent of $1B+ companies now capture 80% of the profit pool and are 23 times more likely to acquire customers thanks to their insight-driven culture.


2020 will be the most digitally disruptive year to date for the incumbents. Not only is there intense pressure to transform, this is set against a backdrop of changing consumer demands and geo-political concerns that cast a shadow of cyber-security and threaten to disrupt digitalisation plans.


Despite aspirations for a digital future, only 31% of senior executives consider their companies to be insight-driven and only 25% said they feel prepared to make use of data [Accenture 2019]. The window is rapidly closing for organisations not maximising value from their data. Join us to learn how to bring the jigsaw puzzle together and discuss: 


Risk: How are organisation’s risk profiles changing as they drive their transformation to being insight-driven?

Culture: What are some of the key building blocks in creating an insight driven culture? How has the disruption of COVID-19 affected companies cultural transformations?

Cloud: Where does cloud play in this changing eco-system? Is it a key enabler of this kind of transformation?

Who Should Attend?

This discussion is relevant to senior decision makers such as Chief Data Officers and Chief Customer Officers as well as EVPs, SVPs, VPs and Directors of Data, Innovation, Transformation and other executives involved in driving their large-scale (>1,000 employees) organisation towards becoming an insight-driven organisation. 

Insight Partners

A special thank you to Cloudera and IBM, for their continued support of the Change Makers Club. Cloudera delivers an Enterprise Data Cloud for any data, anywhere, from the Edge to AI.

What is the experience?

All of our virtual roundtables are focused, collaborative and informative. As a participant you join via video and – thanks to a chaired discussion – take away actionable ideas to implement within your business and with your customers.


Prior to the virtual meeting taking place, each attendee is interviewed to understand their interests and perspective. You will also contribute towards the insight report, which is published prior to the virtual meeting.


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