The Change Makers Club



The world’s largest network of senior business leaders


With the aim of mixing business and pleasure, we believe in providing an exclusive environment for market leaders to network and exchange insights on today’s greatest business challenges. We dedicate our time to crafting on-trend discussions, and hand-select the most innovative business leaders to participate in an evening of collaboration and debate. 


While we do meet in some of the most exclusive private dinning venues in the world, we know you’re not joining us for the fine wine or the Michelin Stars. You’re joining us for actionable insight and strategic advantage — and that’s our mission.


The Change Makers Club is a progressive, dynamic and forward-thinking group of senior-decision makers from large-mid scale companies, driven to consolidate and empower change within their industries. Each and every member of the club is a passionate believer in sharing insights to overcome obstacles and break boundaries.


Unlike many professional organisations, we don’t divide our groups by role function or industry. Instead, we focus on core issues effecting individual markets. By uniting a range of industries we have successfully  fostered a unique culture of collaboration. It is this cross-sector knowledge sharing that allows all members to gain and maintain a competitive edge year after year, and is something we as a club are immensely proud to provide.


Each quarter discussion will centre around a new theme. Our quarterly themes are decided on of the back of bespoke market research, conversations with existing members and the issues raised at previous events. By analysing the current business climate and understanding the issues circulating the boardrooms we are able to manufacture high relevant, yet organic discussion.


To maintain exclusivity membership is strictly by invitation only. Spaces are limited at each event and due to popular demand most are accounted for very quickly, it is therefore advised to respond ASAP if you are interested in attending the next dinner.