Covent Garden Hotel, London

Tuesday 21st May

18:30 – 21:30 GMT

“Every company wants to use AI but how do you decide where the priorities for spending are?”

– Forbes, 2023 

Artificial Intelligence is driving efficiencies across industries. By 2035 it has the potential to increase organisational profitability by 38% [McKinsey, 2023]. For finance leaders seeking to elevate their organisations’ profitability and advance their careers, this presents a compelling opportunity.   


Despite 92% of CFOs understanding the potential benefits of AI investment, organisations are grappling with a disconnect [Forbes, 2024]. Finance leaders are often excluded from the initial stages of AI projects. They are relegated to the role of budget sign-off, leading to a lack of understanding of proof of concept, and ultimately blocking game-changing transformations.   


Finance leaders do not belong on the sidelines. They need to seize control of the narrative to ensure they are recognised as architects of AI initiatives. How will you ensure you are integrated in the AI decision-making process from the ground up?   



Dr. Ted Lappas

Head of Data Science at Satalia

Dr. Theodoros Lappas is Head of Data Science at Satalia and a globally recognised expert in AI. With over 20 years of experience in the field of data science, Ted has extensive expertise in delivering efficient solutions and value to organisations across various industries. Additionally, he is an Assistant Professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business. He also holds a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of California. His work has been widely recognised, with his publications being among the highest cited in relevant literature.



Covent Garden Hotel

10 Monmouth St, London WC2H 9HB

Nestled in the vibrant heart of London’s theatre district, Covent Garden Hotel stands as a beacon of sophistication and comfort. Just steps away from the iconic Covent Garden piazza, this exquisite hotel has one of the finest restaurants the city has to offer. The hotel’s interiors, a harmonious blend of classic elegance and contemporary style, welcome guests into a world of refined luxury. The library, adorned with curated artworks and whimsical furnishings, will serve as our intimate pre-dinner networking space before we head to The Fortune Room for the discussion and 3-course meal. 

Brasserie Max, the hotel’s celebrated culinary heart, offers a menu that showcases the best of seasonal produce. Each dish, a blend of tradition and innovation, is designed to delight and inspire, meticulously crafted under the watchful eye of the Executive Chef. The culinary journey doesn’t end with the food; our sommelier has handpicked a selection of fine wines and spirits to complement the menu, ensuring that each sip harmonises with the flavours of the dishes.


Senior decision makers and other top-executives with a focus on finance. This discussion will be valuable to you if you’re looking to identify the best use cases worthy of investment and budget sign off. 


Attendance is capped to ensure every participant is able to contribute. The meeting is only open to invited participants or those who have been referred by a colleague or our partner, Satalia.


A special thank you to Satalia for their continued support of the Change Makers Club. 


Satalia uses AI to solve hard problems. For our customers, that means finding the optimal blend of expert consultation and leading-edge technology. We’re one of the world’s only organisations with genuine end-to-end data science and optimisation capability. It’s how we’ve delivered AI solutions, that work at scale in real-life environments, for some of the world’s biggest companies–including Tesco, PwC and Openreach.


All of our roundtables are focused, collaborative and informative. Thanks to a chaired and moderated discussion you will: gain insights and ideas from thought leaders in different industries, benchmark your own plans within a collaborative and confidential environment and network with an exclusive group of senior executives in similar size organisations to you.

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