“For many companies a strong, data-driven culture remains elusive, and data are rarely the universal basis for decision making. The biggest obstacles to creating data-based businesses aren’t technical; they’re cultural – a shift in mindset that presents a daunting challenge” [HBR, 2020]


Every industrial revolution was catalysed by a major technological evolution. With 90% of the world’s data having been produced in the last two years [Deloitte], today is no different. We are living in an era of unprecedented technological innovation. And the next 12-months will be challenging for some, an opportunity for others.


Speed, resilience and data will be crucial factors. And yet, most still struggle to build data into their business strategies and, conversely, to align their data efforts to the needs of the business. When integrated properly, data accelerates business growth and profitability by improving the processes and empowering the people needed to execute them.


Join us to explore how to become a data led business and discuss the questions below: 


#1 Why is a data culture crucial for your competitiveness in 2020?

#2 What is the road-map to becoming a data-led business?

#3 How do you get buy-in from the C-Level and from employees?

Who Should Attend?

Senior decision makers and other top-executives, including industry-wide thought leaders from enterprise level organisations.


Attendance is capped to ensure every participant is able to contribute. The meeting is only open to invited participants or those who has been referred by a colleague or our partner, Snowplow.



Snowplow is a data delivery platform that collects and operationalizes behavioural data, at scale. We empower you and your team to rise above the difficulties of data delivery and organisation, enabling you to focus on your data journey.

What is the experience?

All of our virtual roundtables are focused, collaborative and informative. As a participant you join via video and – thanks to a chaired and moderated discussion – take away actionable ideas to implement within your business and with your customers.


Prior to the virtual meeting taking place, each attendee is interviewed to understand their interests and perspective. Those who register early will also contribute towards the insight report, which will be published prior to the virtual meeting and will be the focus of the discussion.


The Team

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