Human Touch

Virtual Private Roundtable

Thursday 25th January

11:00am – 12:00pm PST

“Companies that connect the dots across every customer touch point define the new blueprint for what it means to be a “customer company.” 


– Forbes [2023]

Customers who are emotionally connected with an organization spend 200% more than even those who are “highly satisfied” [HBR, 2023]. Delivering personalized experiences is now table stakes, and if brands want to excel in 2024 they need to understand, connect, and interact with their customers on an emotional level.


Yet, many organizations are unaware of the art of the possible when it comes to AI, perceiving it as solely a cost-saving tool rather than recognizing its transformative ability to improve customer relationships, decision-making processes, and overall business performance. With 90% of CX leaders expecting to utilise AI solutions within the next two years [McKinsey, 2023], the first-hand has already been dealt, and the organizations who successfully grasp this opportunity will be the ones who walk away winners.


In a landscape where the game is shifting towards emotional connectivity, how can you leverage AI’s full spectrum of capabilities, and pioneer a new wave of customer interaction that is emotionally resonant and hyper-personalized?


Senior decision-makers with a focus on Customer and Digital executives within large organizations. This discussion will be valuable to you if you’re looking to you’re looking to build a CX that drives your customers’ most profitable behaviors.


Attendance is capped to ensure every participant is able to contribute. The meeting is only open to invited participants or those who have been referred by a colleague or our partner, Uniphore.


A special thank you to Uniphore for their continued support of the Change Makers Club.


Uniphore is a leader in the AI and technology space that helps enterprise-size organizations drive seamless customer experiences and deliver strategic business outcomes from every customer interaction. 


All of our roundtables are focused, collaborative and informative. Thanks to a chaired and moderated discussion you will: gain insights and ideas from thought leaders within the subscription economy, benchmark your own plans within a collaborative and confidential environment and network with an exclusive group of senior executives in similar size organizations to you.

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