Wednesday 26th April  – 14:00-15:00 BST


Virtual Roundtable

Panel discussion with Paul Prendergast, Paul Benjamin & Alan Grogan

“CFOs must balance the demands of the present with a strategic vision for the future. They need to be both stewards of the past and architects of the future.”

 – McKinsey

The role of finance is changing. 89% of C-suite executives believe it’s the CFO who should take on the role of strategic leader [BCG, 2023]. Finance executives are being summoned to the start line and are now competing to evolve finance from an operational function to the strategic backbone of their organisation.


However, CFOs are wading through treacle, burdened by manual tasks, outdated systems, and fragmented data, significantly limiting their ability to deliver on strategy. These organisations are losing out, big time, with revenue growth 2.5 times lower than those with highly digitised finance functions [Accenture, 2022].


If you want to position yourself as the CFO of tomorrow, you need to free yourself up to focus on the bigger picture. After all, the value is in the future, not the past. So, how can you use AI, automation and analytics to support you as you guide your organisation to success?


Lets discuss the CFO role of the future…


Hear from industry-leading finance executives and thought leaders as they share their insights and experiences on how to navigate the ever-changing business landscape and position your organisation for success in the future.

James Harris, Chair & Moderator

Founder of Change Makers

James Harris

Paul Prendergast, Panel contributor

CFO Value Lead (Europe) at Accenture 

Paul Prendergast

Alan Grogan, Panel Contributor

Global Data Platform Lead at Avanade

Alan Grogan

Paul Benjamin, Panel Contributor

CFO of Microsoft Middle East & Africa (MEA) at Microsoft

Paul Benjamin

Who Should Attend?

Senior finance executives from large-scale, enterprise organisations. This discussion will be valuable to you if you have an interest in positioning yourself as strategic, forward-thinking finance leader. Attendance is capped to ensure every participant is able to contribute. The meeting is only open to invited participants or those who have been referred by a colleague or our partners Avanade, Accenture and Microsoft.



A special thank you to Avanade for their support of the Change Makers Club. Avanade is the leading provider of innovative digital, cloud and advisory services, industry solutions and design-led experiences across the Microsoft ecosystem. Established over 20 years ago by Accenture and Microsoft, their vision is to advance the world through the power of people and Microsoft.

Joining Avanade for this special event will be Accenture and Microsoft to give you leading expertise and the latest industry view on how to drive value from your technology.

Where and when?

26th April – 14:00-15:00 BST

Virtual Roundtable

What is the experience?

All of our roundtables are focused, collaborative and informative. Thanks to a chaired and moderated discussion you will: gain insights and ideas from thought leaders in different industries, benchmark your own plans within a collaborative and confidential environment and network with an exclusive group of senior executives in similar size organisations to you.

The Team

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James Harris


George Parry

Club Director

Hope Onderdonck

Club Director

Elle Brasier

Head of Operations



We’re committed to supporting our society and environment. When you attend a Change Makers Club event, we pledge to neutralise your carbon footprint. To offset your travel or energy usage we will plant a tree via One Tree Planted. Once mature, the average tree has a net absorption of 30 kg of CO2 per year, which equates to 227 miles of travel by car or 96 hours of office usage. You can see our maths here.


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