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Quaglino’s, London


Thursday 20th July


18:00 – 21:00 BST

“AI is not merely a harbinger of a dystopian world. It is a tool – like fire or the wheel – that, in the hands of a mindful humanity, can drive us to unprecedented heights.”


– Daniel Hulme, CEO at Satalia and Chief AI Officer at WPP


Artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated virtually every industry, and forward-thinking leaders are leveraging it to revolutionise the way their organisations operate. And rightly so, 35% of companies are currently using AI and 42% are exploring AI for future implementation [Gartner, 2023]; the widespread adoption is a testament to its transformative impact.


However, amidst this technological wave, a significant complication arises: AI is not a one-size-fits all solution that can be simply implemented. Careful consideration of organisations’ unique needs and requirements is often overlooked. As a result, only 11% of businesses succeed in bringing AI out of the trial phase, scaling it within their companies, and integrating it into their DNA [McKinsey, 2023].


Early adopters of AI have the opportunity for a permanent competitive advantage, but successful implementation requires a strategic and holistic approach that aligns with organisational goals. So, how will you develop a clearly defined roadmap for AI implementation?



Daniel Hulme

CEO, Satalia and Chief AI officer, WPP

Daniel Hulme is a globally recognised expert in AI and investor in Emerging Technologies. He’s the CEO of Satalia, an award-winning company that provides AI products and solutions for global companies such as Tesco and PwC. In addition, Daniel is the Chief AI Officer at WPP; helping define, identify, curate and promote AI capability and new opportunities for the benefit of the wider group and society. Daniel has over 20 years academic experience with AI. Having received a Masters and Doctorate in AI at UCL, he is now UCL’s Computer Science Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Specialising in the topics of AI, ethics, metaverse, emerging technology, innovation, decentralization and organisational design, Daniel is serial keynote speaker for the likes of Google and TEDx events – you can watch his latest TEDx talk on the impact of AI here.



The Prince of Wales Room, Quaglino’s 

16 Bury St, St. James’s, London, SW1Y 6AJ

Bursting with iconic heritage, Quaglino’s is hidden in the heart of St James’s. Set on the mezzanine level and overlooking the theatre of the main restaurant below, is The Prince of Wales Room. Its glass wall offers seclusion despite having the best view in the house of the grand stage; a perfect location for private dinner-discussions.

The menu, designed by Executive Chef Jack Smith, is a perfect canon of European classics, all made using the highest quality British ingredients. Since taking on the Head Chef position at Quaglino’s, Jack’s food has drawn in swathes of visitors who seek to taste his modern European dishes served with an essential touch of theatricality.


Senior decision makers and other top-executives with a focus on technology, data, innovation, operations and supply chain. This discussion will be valuable to you if you’re looking to unlock the value of AI for your organisation.


Attendance is capped to ensure every participant is able to contribute. The meeting is only open to invited participants or those who have been referred by a colleague or our partner, Satalia.


A special thank you to Satalia for their continued support of the Change Makers Club. 


Satalia uses AI to solve hard problems. For our customers, that means finding the optimal blend of expert consultation and leading-edge technology. We’re one of the world’s only organisations with genuine end-to-end data science and optimisation capability. It’s how we’ve delivered AI solutions, that work at scale in real-life environments, for some of the world’s biggest companies–including Tesco, PwC and Openreach.


All of our roundtables are focused, collaborative and informative. Thanks to a chaired and moderated discussion you will: gain insights and ideas from thought leaders in different industries, benchmark your own plans within a collaborative and confidential environment and network with an exclusive group of senior executives in similar size organisations to you.

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